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Q. What is Distance Learning?

Distance Learning refers to teaching and learning situations in which the instructor and the learner or learners are geographically separated and therefore rely on other modes of instructional delivery.

Q. Advantages of a Distance Learning Program?

Right from its inception, IIT-V realized that Distance Learning presents the ideal type of educational programs for the mature career individual and for those who have major disadvantages attending normal classroom environments. IIT-V plays an important role in this field and is continuously developing new programs and new methods of delivery to remain in the forefront of this very important sector of education. Other advantages are the low fees and other overheads, no capitation fess or donations involved and allow working people to pursue education in a manner most suitable to them.

Q. Who will be benefit from IIT-V programs?

IIT-V programs are extremely useful for working executives, self-employed entrepreneurs and job seekers who do not have formal qualification. These courses provide extensive knowledge of essential techniques and offer an opportunity to everyone, irrespective of background, to receive job oriented training which meets business and industry requirements. It greatly improves the chances of getting a job and also improves career prospects.

Q. Is the IIT-V is an Academy a University?

The IIT-V is not an university and does not grant by itself university degrees. It is a self autonomous institute set up to create a ride between education and students who are unable to join any regular course but wants to upgrade their skills.

Q. Is it affiliates with any University or legal body?

The IIT-V is located in the ETAWAH (UP) along with its affiliate centers in different districts. It is set up and run by an NGO “YUVA Education and welfare Foundation” New Delhi and associate with different National & International Universities. It is providing regular trainings to students through online and his affiliate centers in all over India.

Q. Are the Programs recognized by AICTE?

IIT-V is a non-university institution. All program of IIT-V are autonomous and do not come under preview of UGC/AICTE. In the changing economic environment what matters most is the recognition by the employers. Our Program is highly appreciated and valued by blue-chip employers, as they are uniquely designed with great depth of knowledge and skills.

Q. What is the value of the certificates granted?

The IIT-V was created to provide professional and Industry oriented education for students and professionals and to provide training for trainers in different fields i.e. Education Medical, Information Technology, Management, Sales etc. Courses offered are carefully designed and evaluated and regularly updated and improved. Renowned university professors and experienced practitioners are cooperating closely with the IIT-V in order to ensure that education provided is of a high quality and that Certificates are granted following serious evaluation and examination methods and processes. These certificates are well accepted in corporate world along with govt. jobs too.

Q. Will the companies accept IIT-V Certificate/Diploma?

Yes. IIT-V is an autonomous professional institution registered with Government of India to provide education and also run and managed by a National NGO “Yuva Education and Welfare foundation”. Over the past 10 years our quality training programs and successful students help IIT-V to achieve excellent reputation among various corporate houses in India and abroad. The certification offered by IIT-V is acceptable in various corporate houses and industrial sectors in India and abroad and is eligible to get the attestation to take up overseas jobs

Q. How do I apply for a training course?

The IIT-V is offering a range of training courses. Each of them has specific application procedures. According to the course to be followed, candidates are encouraged to consult the institute co-coordinator or visit the official website. Choose the course they wish to participate in and follow carefully the procedures described thereof.

Q. What kind of partners does the IIT-V have?

In delivering its services, the IIT-V cooperates closely with a number of partner universities and institutions. To this end the IIT-V has established cooperation agreements with a number of national universities, regional universities and institutions of higher education along with corporate houses.

Q. What is the IIT-V Distance Learning Program?

Distance Learning is used as an innovative, on-line teaching technique that utilizes the Internet for teaching and training purposes. Distance learning courses bring teachers specializing in their respective fields closer to students and other interested parties in all corners of the world through virtual means. This method allows students to follow a range of educational programs in different field at their own pace, in their own space.

The development of distance learning course materials is based on the actual demand of different categories of end-users.

Q. How does distance learning work?

Training takes place in the virtual environment of the IIT-V web site. A network of tutors in various regions of the world support students during their work. Students and teachers can interact as often as necessary during the course, because communication takes place through electronic mail. At the end of the program, students receive a Certificate acknowledging completion of the course.

Q. Why distance learning?

IIT-V is committed to creating a bridge between professional course/skills and students who missed the education for any reason.

Q. What are the technical requirements for online course?

The Institutes Distance Learning takes full advantage of information technology and the Internet as an alternative and a complement to traditional training programs. To be able to register, enroll and access the online courses, the candidate will need to access easily the facilities listed below.

Technical requirements:

  • A valid and accessible email account,
  • A computer (preferably a recent desktop, laptop or tablet) connected to the Internet
  • The following software must be properly installed on the computer:
    • a widely recognized and up-to-date browser such as Chrome (Free download), Internet Explorere, Firefox (Free download), Safari, Opera, etc.
    • Acrobat Reader (Free download),
    • a widely recognized and up-to-date word processor such as Microsoft Word, Writer (Free download)

If available, the following would enhance the experience of the learner:
A spreadsheet software such as Microsoft Excel or Calc (Free download), Lotus 1-2-3, etc.
An audio player software such as Real Player (Free download)

Q. What are the courses offered by the Distance Learning Program?

Courses offered by the Distance Learning Program can be found on our website and time to time new courses are added as per the demands by students.

Q. Do I have the choice to select any course in the list?

Yes students can choose to participate in any course according to his/her wishes. We have more than 100 professional and industry oriented courses.

Q. Can I participate in more than one course at a time?

A student can participate in more than one course at a time, He or she can select maximum 3 courses at one time. Few programmes have restriction for that they need to contact the Centre head.

Q. I completed my course, when do I receive my certificate?

Any student who sits for their respective course exam receives an electronic notification of the marks obtained and, eventually, an electronically generated certificate. Later on the hard copy of his/her certificate will be posted to him/her by post/courier.

Q. I have difficulties to create an account, what to do?

Instructions to create an account are kept very basic. Students are simply asked to fill in the form and create a username and password. These identification codes will be required each time a student wishes to log in. They are used to manage the account and reset the password for instance. In case of technical problems, students can consult the local centre head or contact us.

Q. Whether I have to attend any regular Classes?

No. The Program is carefully designed to study at home and there is no need to attend any regular classes and not required any teacher / personal assistance. You can complete the course at home or work place without disturbing your job / other studies and activities from any locations

Q. Can I get 100% knowledge?

Yes. Management, observation and Investigation techniques are the key for a successful career in corporate world. The Program gives a strong understanding on the study subjects and helps you to experience the real working situations found in various organizational setup and industries. Those who follow our instructions carefully will get 100% knowledge and skills to take up the jobs in any organization.

Q. How I will get practical knowledge?

IIT-V offers various program in different fields, some of them required practical experience for that we have tie up with different corporate house. Our maximum Program consist 5 days training and 1 day contact class at the end of the course to get the relevant practical exposure and to experience the real working situations found in various corporate sectors

Q. How to study at home?

You can study the Program anywhere at home or work place without disturbing your job / other studies and activities. To start the learning process complete all the Work books and Assignments first (At your home). Then start 5 days field work to do the industrial visits at your place (State). Then prepare the project work (At your home). Then send all the completed reports to the institute for valuation. Then finally attend the one day contact class and examination at the end of the course to complete the training process.

Q. Can I get the 1 Year Cetificate/Diploma in 90 Days?

Yes. The program is for 1 year. However we give this fast track learning facility (Crash Course) to finish the Program in just 90 days. Those who want to complete the 1 year Program on an urgent basis can select this unique Crash Course facility to save the time. Students are permitted to change the Program duration from 90 days to 1 year / One year to 90 days at any time if required. Students are also permitted to attend the final examinations at any time after 90 days but should be completed within the validity period.

Q. What is the difference between 1 Year and 90 days Programs?

There is no difference between 1 year and 90 days crash course. The Syllabus, Study materials, Teaching methods, Certification, Fee structure etc… are same in both duration. In crash course, you need to complete all the training activities of the 1 year Program in 90 days. The study time required for the 90 days crash course is 2 to 3 hours every day.

Q. Can I get the Placement from IIT-V?

Yes. As part of our quality and standards, we will put our 100% effort to provide suitable placement for our students. We will inform the vacancies and interviews via email. You have to make the follow ups on these information’s and submit your resume directly and attend the interviews to get the placement. Send a request mail to the institute with your IIT-V register number to get the latest vacancy information data base free of cost. Send your request Note: This facility is applicable for IIT-V students only

Q. How to pay the fees?

All the fee payments should be made through bank only. Approach any reputed bank near to your place and Make a Demand Draft (DD) in the name of “Indian Institute of Technical and Vocational Education” payable at ETAWAH only. Then attach the DD along with the application form and forwarded to the institute by Registered post / Speed post to join the Program. Payment Confirmation: You will receive a confirmation SMS message and email from the institute after receiving your payment (on the same day itself)

Q. How & When I will get the Study materials & Certificates?

There is no need to purchase any books from outside. The institute will send all the printed study materials and training instructions (Hard Copy) within 15 working days from the date of confirmation of admission by registered post to the address you given in the Application form. Diploma/Certificate and mark list with institute will be issued within 21 working days from the date of examination and this can be collected from the office or the same shall be awarded by registered post

Q. I am a working executive. Can I pursue the any program?

Yes, our all the program can be pursued on a self-study basis. You can do self-study in your free time, and sit for the examinations and complete the program. It is designed completely in a flexible manner to suit the needs of the working executives.

Q. Is the study material supplied by the institute?

The study material is supplied by the institute without any additional cost, subject to the receipt of fees as per the payment schedule.

Q. How do students receive their study material? Do they have to pay extra charges other than the fees paid?

Study Material is dispatched to the student within 25 working days from the date of admission at the correspondence address mentioned in the application form. No extra charges are payable by the student.

Q. When are the examinations held?

The examinations are held throughout the year according to exam sessions mentioned in the examination procedures.

Q. What if I fail in any of the subject?

In such a case, you have to give re-exam for the subject in which you have failed. Re-examination fees Rs. 500/- per subject is required to be paid.

Q. How relevant will the course be, for the real business world?

The experts who have planned the curriculum of these programs have extensive real world experience. They know both business theory and business practices.

Q. Do you provide certificates after each seminar?

YES, a certificate is awarded to each participant upon the successful completion of any program/ seminar/ conference/ training/webinar/workshop etc.

Q. How can I contact IIT-V officials?

IIT-V officials can be contacted through: or through the course-specific email addresses provided.