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“Education” is a birth right for every human being in any society and we all must endeavor for the success of this noble cause. IIT-V through its Distance/Regular Learning Management Programmes is wholeheartedly contributing towards par excellence education to all needy, may be anywhere globally and at anytime.

IIT-V understands that the biggest obstacle for most working professionals who wish to earn their knowledge is time. That’s why our flexible, superior learning formats allows students to ‘Complete the Course’ when and where it’s convenient for them.

The course content of our programmes are far superior to the conventional ones as the same are updated and validated by professionals from respective fields, with the right mix of theoretical and practical inputs. To put it in a nutshell, our course are unique as we updated our course content very periodically. The course material of our Distance Education Program is designed and written by stalwarts from the corporate world. We provide extensive practical approach to our students via means of a project to be completed at the last round of the course. All the students will be directly assisted by us to help them to get suitable placements.

The aspirant for our Correspondence Course are to please note that, we are an institute meant for only those who are goal oriented, go-getters and focused towards their career.

1. Quality assured: Our courses are the benchmark for the latest thinking, best practice and quality delivery.

2. Business-led: All of our courses are developed in consultation with business and industry operating in all sections.

3. Setting the standard: Our tutors don’t just read from textbooks; they probably wrote them. Many are recognized experts in their fields, nationally and internationally.

4. Research-based: All our courses are informed by ongoing research and consultancy work ensuring that you receive the most up-to-date and relevant instruction available.

5. Responsive: Our business and consultancy links mean that our programmes are always evolving to incorporate changes in the marketplace new technological advances and other key industrial developments.

6. Multi-disciplinary: Studying at IIT-V will give you access to unparalleled expertise as we are research-active in all sectors of Management, Information Technology, Healthcare, Biotechnology Medical Tourism etc.

7. Global operations: Our courses include ideas, innovations, research updates and best practice from organizations operating in the India and around the world.

8. Relevant: Informed by business and industry, our courses provide essential insights and skills that can be applied to your organization’s operations to deliver tangible results.

9. Value for money: The unique combination of in-depth knowledge, practical experience, excellent presentation skills plus access to IIT-V’s extensive learning resources mean that our courses represent excellent value for money.

10. Advice and guidance: We will work with you to identify the training programmes that are most appropriate to your learning requirements